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Scottsdale Pain Management Doctor reveals how you can get rid of chronic pain with advanced procedures.

Consider advanced procedures for chronic pain that can help you get back to living an active lifestyle free of pain.

Dr. Sham Vengurlekar and the Premier Pain Institute believe that pain is something that can be overcome. There are many things that may cause chronic pain, and if you suffer from spinal, neck or back pain, you probably know how unbearable it can be. It stops you from doing what you enjoy, and from living the life that you want. In many cases, those who suffer from these conditions seek relief from pain medication, but those only mask the pain, they do not treat or fix the cause of the pain.

The Scottsdale pain management expert, Dr. Vengurlekar, believe performs a number of procedures that are effective as well as minimally invasive. The advantage of these procedures is that they have far less recovery time than traditional methods and procedures, which means that you can get back on your feet quickly. They are also less painful and prevent you from continually suffering.

These procedures that are expertly performed by Dr. Vengurlekar and the Premier Pain Institute vary and are effective for a number of different conditions. Joint and tendon pain can be treated with injections that will increase and restore mobility and function. Another ways that those with chronic pain can find relief is with the discography procedures. Back and neck pain problems that are caused by disc pain can be treated after Dr. Vengurlekarusesthese procedures to locate exactly which discs are injured and need to be treated. This cannot be done with MRI’s or other methods.

These are just a couple of the many procedures that are offered by the Premier Pain Institute to help those who suffer with chronic pain. There are a number of solutions from the Scottsdale pain management doctor that will help those dealing with pain find solutions that will get to the root of their pain instead of just masking it.