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Back pain

Dr. Vengurlekar, a leading Scottsdale Pain Management Specialist, knows that for many individuals who are suffering form back or spine pain, surgery is the best option over habit-forming medication or other options. However, Dr. Vengurlekar and the rest of the premier Pain Institute knows that open surgery comes with a series of risks and can take a long recovery time and cause additional suffering.

One of the biggest risks of open surgery is the damage that can be done to the muscles surrounding the injured area. In the case of spine pain, it the surgeon must create a large incision along the area, and then pull the muscle back in order to treat the damaged vertebrae. Because the muscle must be handled in such a way, the Scottsdale pain management doctor reminds patients that this may cause further harm, as there is a risk of damaging these muscles permanently. The time that it takes to recover from an open surgery is extensive and there is a lot of pain associated with the healing process as well.

While surgery is the best options for many who have spine pain, open surgery is not the only answer. For many who need surgery, a minimally invasive procedure can be just as effective as open surgery but comes with far fewer risks. Some procedures can be done through the skin says the Scottsdale pain management expert, while others need only a small incision to insert a retractor which will be used to perform the procedure. Because there is only a small incision, the muscle does not need to be pulled back or damaged, and the recovery time is much shorter. Dr. Vengurlekar and the Premier Pain Institute know that these procedures can be a great alternative for those who will benefit from surgery but don’t want the risks.