Neck Pain

Neck pain has a lot of causes just like in joint pain. Pain in the neck can also cause symptoms such as a headache, shoulder pain, problems in rotating or bending the head and increasing pain. Such pain can be due to neck injuries, or trauma. However, there are also some illnesses which can be caused by a little stiff neck.

Another condition can cause both neck pain and joint pains. This condition is none other than arthritis. When a person has arthritis, the cartilage is inflamed causing pain that radiates to the joints. Stiffness is also a common complaint. Pain in the neck and joint is certainly something that should not be taken for granted, even though it is just caused by pure muscle stiffness. There are ways on how to relieve pains in the joint and neck through exercises.

For example, if the cause of the pain is due to excessive flexion or extension of your back, then you need to perform stretching exercises so that the posture will be corrected and the compression of the spinal discs will be relieved.

Making exercise a regular habit can greatly help in reducing pain especially as you age. Exercise can also assist in keeping your body healthy and your bones strong.

We would often suggest, it would be best to keep your body active and start doing it while you’re young. This can help in preventing diseases associated with aging. You can try exercising on a Swiss ball and keep your body active.

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